Wilby Primary

Wilby CE Primary School
  • Being part of the Wilby family is the best thing ever. You know there's always someone caring for you.
    Reuben - Age 10
  • Wilby school helps you to be the best you can be so you can reach your dreams.
    Reece - Age 10
  • Everyone at Wilby is caring and giving - we learn to be responsible for our actions and to put others first.
    Mya - Age 10
  • We have amazing trips out and our performances are awesome.
    Tommy - Age 8
  • Singing and music are part of every day at Wilby and we are brilliant at sport too!
    Mollie - Age 8
  • We have the best teachers who make learning fun.
    Elodie - Age 7
Life at Wilby Primary Life at Wilby Primary Life at Wilby Primary Life at Wilby Primary Life at Wilby Primary Life at Wilby Primary Life at Wilby Primary Life at Wilby Primary



Spring Term 2017

Begins 4th January 2017
Ends 31st March 2017

Spring Half Term

Begins 11th February 2017
Ends 19th February 2017

Easter Holiday

Begins 1st April 2017

Ends 17th April 2017

Summer Term 2017

Begins 18th April 2017
Ends 21st July 2017

Summer Half Term

Begins 27th  May 2017
Ends 4th June 2017


Professional Development Days

2016 - 2017 

18th April 2017


Academic Year 2017/18


Autumn Term 2017

Begins 4th September 2017

Ends 19th December 2017

Autumn Half Term

Begins 21st October 2017

Ends 29th October 2017

Christmas Holiday

Begins 20th December 2017

Ends 2nd January 2018


Spring Term 2018

Begins 3rd January 2018

Ends 29th March 2018

Spring Half Term

Begins 10th February 2018

Ends 18th February 2018

Easter Holidays

Begins 30th March 2018

Ends 15th April 2018


Summer Term 2018

Begins 16th April 2018

Ends 24th July 2018

Summer Half Term

Begins 26th May 2018

Ends 3rd June 2018


Professional Development Days


4th & 5th September 2017

20th October 2017

3rd January 2018

16th April 2018