Wilby Primary

Wilby CE Primary School
  • Being part of the Wilby family is the best thing ever. You know there's always someone caring for you.
    Reuben - Age 10
  • Wilby school helps you to be the best you can be so you can reach your dreams.
    Reece - Age 10
  • Everyone at Wilby is caring and giving - we learn to be responsible for our actions and to put others first.
    Mya - Age 10
  • We have amazing trips out and our performances are awesome.
    Tommy - Age 8
  • Singing and music are part of every day at Wilby and we are brilliant at sport too!
    Mollie - Age 8
  • We have the best teachers who make learning fun.
    Elodie - Age 7
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 Wren Class

Welcome to Wren Class. We are a mixed class of Reception and Year 1 pupils.

Our Class Teacher is Mrs Pickess and our teaching assistants are Mrs Knight and Mr Isaac Chapman


Our  theme for the Autumn Term is 'Keen To Be Green'.

Our Literacy work will be based around several books linked by the theme 'Keen To Be Green'. We open the term by asking ourselves 'What Does It Mean To Be Green?'. We'll have fun thinking of silly green things that we could be before contemplating more seriously on what it actually entails to be green, with the ultimate aim of making posters to spread the green message to others in school. 'Compost Stew' will lead us into having fun with rhyming words and mixing stews of yucky proportions! We willl finish the half term with the beautifully illustrated, picture book 'Bee & Me'.  Everyone will need eagle eyes to work out from the pictures what is happening and put on their story heads to share their interpretations of this bumbling tale with others. 

Our topic work will link in closely with Literacy giving us a chance to dig deeper into some of the green issues that arise. We will make links to History by comparing the transport, homes and food sources of the past and now, thinking about how they have changed and how this has impacted on the environment. We will look at how the author Beatrix Potter and naturalist Sir David Attenborough have made a difference to the environment in their lifetimes.

Making links to Geography we will be looking at the waste we produce today and what actually happens to it. Having discovered the damaging effect of the modern world on the environment, we will learn how we can make changes to help save this beautiful planet we live on by responsibly reducing, reusing and recycling our waste. We will examine the effects of modern food production on the reduction of bees and insects and in an effort to help save bees will make bee homes and plan for planting a wildflower area come next Spring. 

Our Science work will be based on the theme of animals with a focus on looking at humans including 'Ourselves.' 

In Art we will be using recycled materials to make artwork which highlights the damage of plastic on marine life. The unit will culminate in us joining the rest of the school to put on a run-way style show of our work.

Welcome to Chestnut Class! We are a Year 1 and 2 mixed age-group class. Our teacher is called Miss Laurie. We also
 have other specialist teachers working with our class too: Mrs Coleman (PSHE) Mrs Pickess (Art) and
Miss Thompson (PE.)
Learning: This Summer Term our new topic is Food and Farming. In Literacy we are basing our work on popular
stories including “The Enormous Turnip” and “Farmer Duck.” We are embracing the creative curriculum, making
links to other subjects such as art in which children are making farm animals and chicken hutches based on the story
"Rosie's Walk" by Pat Hutchins. To bring alive this topic through first hand experience, Chestnut Class will be going
on a Farm trip in which they can learn more about the different types of farms, machinery and how food produce such as sugar beet and corn are grown in our local area.






Class Information - things to remember!

Wednesday- Children return completed homework.

Thursday- New homework given

Friday - PE Kit needed