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Wilby CE Primary School
  • Everyone is given the support they need to learn about important things like growth mindset and equality Immy
  • We are really creative at Wilby and there are lots of opportunities to express ourselves. Millie
  • Wilby is actually the best place on EarthElodie
  • We are a small school that is FULL of kindnessLuke
  • Everyone here gets along and works very hard as part of the same familyLila
  • I love Wilby because I can be myself!Martha
  • Dream Big and Work Hard and you can achieve anything at Wilby
  • Everyone here tries their hardest
  • Our brains are fantastic - we can do anything!
Life at Wilby Primary



Dear Parents/Carers,

Welcome back to the Summer Term at Wilby School.

Please find below a reminder about the structure of the school day. We will continue to teach in ‘Bubbles’; to ensure that we adhere to the hand washing and hygiene regimes already in place and to do everything that we can to make your children feel safe and happy to be back in school.

Please remember that masks must be worn by all adults on school property and you may not leave your child a.m until you have checked them in with a member of staff. Please ensure you leave the playground and car-park swiftly once you have dropped off/ collected your child.

Drop off and collection times are staggered to enable us to use social distancing measures. See above for the exact timings for when your child should be dropped / off and collected and where you should be at these times. These times must be adhered to exactly please. Please do not arrive early or late. Please remember to stand at safe social distances when dropping off/ collecting children

Absence: If your child is expected in school please let the school office know in the usual way that they will be absent. First day calling will be utilised to follow up on non- attendance to ensure pupil safety. School attendance was mandatory from March 8th 2021 and the school policy and procedures regarding school absence will be followed including if a child is persistently late/absent from school.

School dinners are available as usual. A booking form will be sent home each week with your child. We are not able to run after school sport clubs yet but we are running before and after school wrap around care.

Please visit our Wrap Around Care page for details of booking etc. https://www.wilbyprimary.org.uk/Our-School/Wrap-Around-Care/ or at the bottom of this page. Please note Wrap Around Care MUST be booked in advance and that there are no refunds if care is no longer required.

Kind regards,

Mrs Wiseman (Headteacher)   

If you have any queries or concerns that you wish to discuss further please contact Headteacher Mrs Roisin Wiseman - head@wilby.suffolk.sch.uk

School dinner menu/order form wk beginning 8.3.2021

Stay mentally healthy-Coronavirus-Returning to school toolkit and 'Every mind matters' resources

Information about Before and After School Care

Before and After School Care booking-form

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