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PE & Sports Funding 

Review completed 6.6.21. Next review planned September 2021

What is it?

In the legacy of the British Olympic Games the Government are investing money to improve physical education and sport in primary schools. Schools can choose how they spend the funding within certain criteria.


Anticipated expenditure sporting activities Sept 2020-September 21(Covid 19 restrictions in place)                                                                                              Funding available= £11,829    Reviewed 9.6.21      



Activity/ Initiative



Proposed Impact

Actual impact up to review date


Offer After-school sports clubs-for individual year groups only


Increase pupil participation and appeal to pupils who are less likely to participate in 'usual' sporting activities

For at least 75% of pupils to be engaged in additional sporting activity-particular focus on SEN and FSM pupil involvement.

 By Summer term 2021-over 75% of pupils engaged in additional sporting activities after school. Over 75% SEN/FSM involvement


All KS1/KS2 to attend one full day of challenging out-door adventurous activity (sailing/ water activities/ Thorpe-woodlands) and at least one additional specialised sports day within the school day (e.g fencing/ lacrosse).


To inspire and encourage the children and appeal to pupils who are less likely to participate in 'usual' sporting activities

Children see that with effort and determination they can achieve their goals. That they feel inspired and encouraged by the performance of other sports men/ women. That they have the opportunity to identify an area of sport that they find particularly interesting.

Thorpe Woodlands will be attended by all classes-Summer Term 21.

All pupils attended additional Dance (Bhangra Dancing) Autumn Term 2020


Up-skill staff in PE and Sports teaching.



Enable all staff to have the opportunity to teach alongside/ observe professional PE coaching staff to ensure up-skilling of MPG staff.

Qualified level 1 swimming teachers

Rugby and cricket coaching training

Professional up skilling of staff leading to quality sporting provision.

PE staff attended PE conference and allso all PE Lead Network meetings. Other training cancelled due to Covid 19


British Gymnastics Membership plus visit.

Purchase of Gym-fit materials




Use of professional material and badges promote child participation and skills levels.

Access to coaching resources and certificates and badges for the pupils.

Gym Fit purchased and sessions provided for EYFS pupils


Specialist teacher additional sporting opportunities


Encourage participation in sports for all groups of children including those less engaged in 'usual' sporting activities

Ensure that PE/Active education is incorporated in cross curricular activities ensuring wider engagement. 

Not available due to Covid


Bikeability training for all Y5/6 pupils


 Ensure that all children receive appropriate safety training over a 5 day period

 All children have the opportunity to develop confidence and skills.

To begin again 2021-22


New outdoor sporting equipment (goals and new sports field marking)


Ensure safety of pupils, longevity of equipment and maximise playing field space

Pupils are able to safely play football/field sports. PE teachers are able to use the space more creatively for sporting activities

Purchased and impacting positively on provision


New wall mounted whiteboard for PE teaching


To enable teachers to clearly display lesson objectives etc

Pupils are more aware of lesson objectives



Maintain the minibus to provide Transport to Festivals and Events.

£2805 + £500 coach travel

Opportunities for pupils to access events. Minibus training for staff to make use of the minibus. Contribution towards insurance/up-keep of mini-bus to ensure that it is available to transport pupils to events.

Staff trained and able to drive the minibus.

Increased pupil participation and attendance at events.

Used for swimming and will used again in Sept 2021


Purchase and installation of new all weather sports area to the rear of the school


To increase opportunities for pupils to take part in outdoor sporting activities(particularly important with Covid restrictions/ need to limit virus transfer)

Enables pupils to take part in physical exercise during break-times and PE lessons/after school clubs all year round when the field is inaccessible.

To be installed August 2021


Further notes on what this has meant for our school in 2019-20:


  • The school was on track to achieve the Gold level in the Schools Games Mark Awards again but was unable to complete this due to Covid-19 closure. This will not prevent the school achieving Platinum level in 2022 (4 years consecutively achieving Gold Level)
  • Year Six Swimming Outcomes:100% of pupils can swim 25m unaided; 100% of pupils can use a range of strokes; 100% of pupils can perform safe self-rescue in different water situations. Not all other year group received swimming instruction this year due to pool closure (maintenance and Covid -19 restrictions.)
  • Pupil attainment and progress figures for the Spring Term 21 have not been published due to Covid 19 school closure disruption. Figures will be reported at the end of the Summer Term 21. 


All PE funding for this current financial year has now been used.