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  • My favourite thing about Wilby is that we're all treated the same - everyone is equal
  • Science at Wilby is AWESOME!
  • I love all of my lessons because the teachers make them fun and interesting - there's always a new challenge
  • Wilby means I can be creative!
  • Our school offers us such wide opportunities including amazing tripsHenry
  • Wilby is just the best school on Earth
  • Dream Big and Work Hard and you can achieve anything at Wilby
  • If you find something hard at Wilby, you know that you will be helped to get there. There's nothing you can't do
  • I love our school because there is so much sport and music
  • Everyone here tries their hardest
  • We all have a Growth Mindset here - we like to make mistakes so you can learn from them
  • Wilby school is so cool!
  • Our brains are fantastic - we can do anything!
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PE & Sports Funding 2018

What is it?

In the legacy of the British Olympic Games the Government are investing money to improve physical education and sport in primary schools. Schools can choose how they spend the funding within certain criteria.

How much will we receive in 2018-19?

Schools with greater than 17 pupils will receive £16,000 plus £10.00 per pupil. For 2018-19 it is anticipated we will receive £16,570

Last year we received the same amount of funding for the amount of pupils we had on role. What this meant for our school in 2017-18?:

  • The school achieved the Gold level in the Schools Games Mark Awards
  • Year Six Swimming Outcomes: 92% of pupils can swim 25m unaided; 92% of pupils can use a range of strokes; 100% of pupils can perform safe self-rescue in different water situations.
  • Achievement in PE-82% of pupils achieved the national standard expected for their age Progress in PE - 96% of pupils made expected or above levels in progress
  • 86% of pupils attend at least one hour additional sports activities; 63.6% of pupils attend at least two hours additional sporting activities*
  • 93% of SEN pupils attended at least one hour of additional sports activities: 79% of these attended two or more hours additional sports activities*
  • 100% of children in receipt of Pupil Premium Grant attended two or more hours of additional sporting activities*
  • Increase of inter-school and intra-school (between in-school houses) competitions in a wide range of sports-100% of pupils have been engaged in competitive/team sports.
  • We have subsidised the training / up-skilling of staff by qualified PE coaches in a range of sports including cricket, gymnastics, dance and swimming
  • Swimming continues for all pupils from year 2 and remains free to access.
  • Continue to assist in funding of upkeep/ insurance of the school mini- bus to ensure that pupils are able to attend a wide range of sporting events
  • Purchase of new sports equipment including out-door active play equipment (new play-ground markings and climbing frame/ trim trail) and upkeep of current equipment
  • Ensure that children have the opportunity to experience a wider range of sporting and outdoor adventurous activities including: caving, orienteering, fitness training, dance, climbing and high ropes challenges

*additional sporting activities describes physical activities / sporting activities organised by the school in addition to the two hours of PE legally required for pupils of primary school age.

We aim to spend our sports funding in the following areas during 2018-2019

  • To ensure that the improvements made are sustainable we are ensuring that staff are up-skilled and given time to train-up others members of staff.
  • We will further engage pupils in leading in sports activities (School sports captains and Sports Leaders programme).
  • We will ensure that equipment purchased is well maintained and stored correctly to ensure longevity.
  • We will extend sporting provision to ensure that pupils at KS1 receive equal opportunity to engage in additional sporting activities
  • We will broaden the range of sporting activities for all pupils still further to include theme days and sporting trips.


Activity/ Initiative



Proposed Impact

Offer all Breakfast Club, After-school and Lunch-Time sports clubs (x4 after school and x2 lunch-time clubs) free of charge to all pupils


Increase pupil participation

For at least 85% of pupils to be engaged in as additional sporting activity-particular focus on SEN and FSM pupils involvement.

All KS2 to attend at least two full days of challenging out-door adventurous activity (sailing/ water activities/ Thorpe-woodlands) and at least one additional specialised sports day within the school day (e.g judo/ fencing).


To inspire and encourage the children

Children see that with effort and determination they can achieve their goals. That they feel inspired and encouraged by the performance of other sports men/ women. That they have the opportunity to identify an area of sport that they find particularly interesting.

Purchase new sports kits for school teams and subsidise sports tops across the whole school. purchase additional clothing/ equipment including shin pads goal-keepers kit.


 Encourage higher standards in sports/ greater pride in participation. Encourage further participation. Ensure that high quality/ quick drying P.E tops are available for children across the school regardless of financial situation

Children are presented smartly and feel valued members of a clearly identified team. Increased pride/ participation.

Up-skill staff in PE and Sports teaching.



Enable all staff to have the opportunity to teach alongside/ observe professional PE coaching staff to ensure up-skilling of MPG staff.

Qualified level 1 swimming teachers

High 5s netball coach training

Professional up skilling of staff leading to quality sporting provision.

Develop links with local schools and High schools to offer pupils competitive sporting opportunities.



Membership to Suffolk Sports Partnership. Improve pupil participation and widen sporting experiences offered.

Wider opportunities for competition sports.

Widen opportunities for other schools to benefit from our sporting lead.

Increased opportunities to compete in a wider variety of sports.


Membership to Suffolk sports CPD offers.

A member of staff to attend P.E conference 2018.


Offer wider opportunities for staff training.

Increase network of professional qualifications and coaches to lead CPD.

British Gymnastics Membership plus visit.



Use of professional material and badges promote child participation and skills levels.

Access to coaching resources and certificates and badges for the pupils.

Repair of outside and indoor sports equipment


Audit and improve on Gymnastics equipment to widen the opportunities offered to pupils.

Pupils use up to date equipment.

Equipment is inspiring for pupils.

Equipment is fit for purpose.

Equipment enables pupils to be challenged.

Additional climbing frame/active playground equipment


Encourage active outdoor playtime

Equipment is safe and at the same time inspiring/ exciting to use

Equipment designed to build both skills and stamina

Supply cover to release teachers for festivals, Events and CPD training.


Staff released to enable pupils to participate in sporting events.

Pupils able to attend a wide variety of sporting events.

Transport to Festivals and Events.


Opportunities for pupils to access events. Minibus training for staff to make use of the minibus. Contribution towards insurance/upkeep  of mini-bus to ensure that it is available to transport pupils to events .

Staff trained and able to drive the minibus.

Increased pupil participation and attendance at events.

Specialist Dance Group/  specialist teacher support-additional support for  sporting events £500 Ensure that PE/ Active education is incorporated in cross curricular activities ensuring wider engagement. 
Additional Swimming provision for year 2 and year 2 -y6 swimming for an additional term £653 To ensure pupils reach year 6 swimming requirements All y6 pupils can swim 25m and complete water safety certificate.

Outdoor adventurous activity subsidy



Ensure that all pupils are able to participate in week long residential trip.

All children have equal opportunity to participate in OEA.


 Bikeability training for all Y5/6 pupils


 Ensure that all children receive appropriate safety training over a 5 day period

 All children have the opportunity to develop confidence and skills.

Total sports funding: Current anticipated based on spend detailed above=£ 18,803  Review completed 7.1.19 Next review of sports provision/ Funding scheduled 23.4.19

Sports funding is just part of our spending on Sports, additional sports spending comes from the schools delegated budget.