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Sex and Relationships Education review

Dear Parents/Carers,
This year we have made some changes to our Sex and Relationship Education Policy and as part of this updating process we consulted Y6 parents/carers about the content of the policy and the skills progression taught within the PSHE curriculum. Our Y6 parents/carers were consulted first because it is only in Y6 (second half of the summer term) when sex education is taught separately, as opposed to being delivered within the Science or PSHE curriculum.
Now this initial parental/carer consultation has been completed, a draft policy has been agreed and we would like to invite all of our parents/carers to review and comment upon the policy. We would also like you to look at how relationships, sex and health education subjects relate to and are supported by other subjects within the curriculum, such as science and PSHE 


Please follow the link below to access the SRE Policy and skills progression. If you have any comments or suggestions to make, I would be grateful if you would email them to me: head@wilby.suffolk.sch.uk before May 14th 2021

Link to SRE Policy document - HERE

Link to PSHE/SRE skills progression document HERE

Link to Science skills progression - HERE

With kind regards,

Mrs R Wiseman