Wilby Primary

Wilby CE Primary School
  • My favourite thing about Wilby is that we're all treated the same - everyone is equal
  • Science at Wilby is AWESOME!
  • I love all of my lessons because the teachers make them fun and interesting - there's always a new challenge
  • Wilby means I can be creative!
  • Our school offers us such wide opportunities including amazing tripsHenry
  • Wilby is just the best school on Earth
  • Dream Big and Work Hard and you can achieve anything at Wilby
  • If you find something hard at Wilby, you know that you will be helped to get there. There's nothing you can't do
  • I love our school because there is so much sport and music
  • Everyone here tries their hardest
  • We all have a Growth Mindset here - we like to make mistakes so you can learn from them
  • Wilby school is so cool!
  • Our brains are fantastic - we can do anything!
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Owl Class

Welcome to Owl Class. We are a mixed Class of Year 4, 5 and 6  Pupils. Our           Class teacher is Mr Haynes and our teaching assistants are Mrs Havers,      Mrs Muttock, Mrs Walpole and Mrs Kirkum.

We are also taught by Mrs Ryan for Brass on Monday afternoons, and on Tuesday afternoons Mrs Pickess teaches Art. PE is on Thursday afternoons, and is taught by Mr Chapman. 

Our topic this half-term is the Changing Power of the Monarchs, which means we will be looking at some of England's most influential kings and queens throughout the ages. We will look at: how King John's Magna Carta still influences human rights today; how Henry the Eighth changed the balance between the church and state; how Queen Elizabeth the First brought about England's 'Golden Age'; and also at the role of our current queen, Elizabeth II.

In literacy lessons, we will be writing informational texts about some of past rulers of England, including a brief exploration of Shakespeare’s life and works. We will also cover the range of punctuation and grammar required.

In maths, we will work through the broader curriculum, covering every topic this term, as the Year 6 pupils prepare for the SATs, and help consolidate all these areas for the Year 4s and 5s.

In science, we are looking at Forces; understanding how forces work in the physical world, and how we can manipulate them to our advantage.

In ICT, we will make films documenting what we have recently learned about Space, using movie-making software. 

In RE, we will look at Islam and the community (Tawhid). Tawhid is the concept of community and the importance of the prophets in Islam.


 Please refer to our class newsletter and/or diary dates on the website to find out more about special events and trips.

This term, Owl Class are involved in The Archie Project.This wonderful scheme allows the children to develop a better understanding of Dementia and to visit Hartismere Place in Eye where they are spending time with the residents who are suffering with Dementia. As part of the school's WW1 topic this term, we enjoyed a WW1 School Day. We had a morning of lessons that took us back in time 100 years. In Owl Class, we learnt about the recent attacks in London by the Zeppelin, that had begun to spread fear across the country. In science this term, we have been studying the Earth and Space. To help us understand that we can track the apparent movement of the Sun across the sky, we recorded the shadows of a pole at hourly rates throughout the day. We could also see how the length of shadows change according to the position of the Sun.

Class Information - things to remember!

  • Monday        Brass Instruments for lesson P.M
  • Thursday      PE kits needed for P.M.
  • Thursday      Homework to be handed in. Times tables and spellings tests.