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 Wren Class








Welcome to Wren Class. We are a mixed class of Reception and Year 1 pupils.

Our Class Teacher is Mrs Pickess and our teaching assistants are Mrs Knight Mrs Coduri-Dunn and Mrs Edhouse. 



Our topic thread for this half term is 'Where do animals live?' We will begin by thinking about the animals that live in the UK and how they adapt to cope with seasonal changes. We will explore the oceans of the world, learn to name them and find out what animals live in them. We will find out about the equator and which animals live near to, and far away, from it. We will explore what animals live on each continent to discover if the same animals live on each of them. Finally we will learn about animals that are special to different nations around the world.


Our Literacy will link closely to our topic theme using animal themed books as inspiration for our work. We will be speaking and listening, writing lists, labels and sentences. During the second part of the half term we will be sequencing stories, playing with rhyme and rhythm and writing short instructions. 


In maths we will be working on number and place value within 10. We will be using lots of practical resources and playing games to make our learning fun. Year 1s will work on reading and writing numbers zero to ten both as numerals and words and will start to record additions and subtractions. 


Every Monday afternoon we will be taking part in a Forest School session within the school grounds. These sessions will provide an valuable opportunity for us to be outside in the natural environment exploring the world around us. This will enhance the development our language and communication skills, help us to build trust with others and the world around us, take leadership of our own learning and build resilience and self-esteem. Our science curriculum will be taught through these sessions.


Welcome to Chestnut Class! We are a Year 1 and 2 mixed age-group class. Our teacher is called Miss Laurie. We also
 have other specialist teachers working with our class too: Mrs Coleman (PSHE) Mrs Pickess (Art) and
Miss Thompson (PE.)
Learning: This Summer Term our new topic is Food and Farming. In Literacy we are basing our work on popular
stories including “The Enormous Turnip” and “Farmer Duck.” We are embracing the creative curriculum, making
links to other subjects such as art in which children are making farm animals and chicken hutches based on the story
"Rosie's Walk" by Pat Hutchins. To bring alive this topic through first hand experience, Chestnut Class will be going
on a Farm trip in which they can learn more about the different types of farms, machinery and how food produce such as sugar beet and corn are grown in our local area.





Class Information - things to remember!

Monday        -Children to come to school dressed in Forest School clothing, wearing school

                      sweatshirt and school shoes.

                    -Reading books to be handed in

Tuesday      - New reading books handed out

Wednesday - Children to return completed homework.

Friday          -New homework/Spellings given out.

                    - PE Kit needed in school.